The Kit PVP Experience

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Application for Moderator:
Notice: To be a staff on the server, you must be friends with Al1aStar. If not, he will not accept you.

Your name:

Are you friends with Al1aStar:

Minecraft IGN:

Do you agree with using a bad domain:

Past staff experience:

How will you enforce the rules on the Mc-Nebula server:

Why should you be staff on The Nebula: 

Why we should pick you over someone else:

How would you help the server

Can you record video/get evidence:

Do you have a Skype/TeamSpeak(post information):

How much time a week can you help us on the server/forums:

Note: To be Sr,Mod, you have to be corey28822882028028308230297498327582834782934628462398462349826289342634326498326489236498236498364982346982346392846348623469342683463289462349862394863289